MENA Calibers understands that coaches aren't responsible for developing people but more importantly, they are responsible for allowing people to develop themselves.

Our Tools and Techniques

In expanding and adding to the basic principles of the MENA Calibers COACH model, MENA Calibers' theory may integrate the following tools and techniques:


Investigating the participant's state of awareness by reality checking, testing assumptions, assessing their motivation for action, exploring hesitations, identifying and verifying feelings.


Investigating and implementing improved people leadership and operational strategies. Suggesting helpful resources (leadership journals, books, audiovisual materials) all designed to help participants to see things from a new perspective.

Removing barriers

Addressing tensions, resistance and potential barriers to professional development and growth, including reactive/defensive responses, excuse/reason responses and guiding participants towards clear ownership and action.


Integrating the physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional participant needs and motivations.

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